Friday, February 18, 2011

Snug as a bug...

I am trying so hard to begin an exercise routine to get this weight off. Let me just tell you - it's extra hard for me. I have never in my life had to exercise. I have also never before in my life had 2 children in 5 years & added on 60 pounds that isn't just going to fall off :(

We were so fortunate to get an awesome treadmill right before the end of my pregnancy. I love to walk outside, but, there are no sidewalks in Witt (yes, I'm serious - it's more like pieces of concrete mixed in with large patches of grass & weeds) and the roads are TERRIBLE for strollers. So..the treadmill is a great year round option. But, the only place in the house I can fit it is in my basement. The basement is COLD, perfect for me while I exercise, but, I need to bundle up little man when he goes down with me.

Doesn't he look adorable?!

The best part is, he can't move in this little contraption, and he falls asleep! So, when I'm done walking - I just carry him to the crib & let him finish his nap. SWEET!

Now if I can just get the motivation to keep my backside walking to the basement everyday that would be great. I bore easily....

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