Sunday, February 27, 2011

Financial Blessings

This is a bold post for me. An "expose my soul to the world" post. But, I feel like I have to do - if nothing more, than to give Praise to God for the protection & blessings he pours down on us..sometimes before we even know we need them.

Tuesday I went to get Cole off the bus, and, as always grabbed the mail from the box at the same time. It's always a little hectic when we get inside -- he wants to tell me about his day, I need to get his lunch, he's excited to see I usually don't have time to even look at the mail for at least an hour. When I finally sat down at the desk to look at the mail there was a stack of envelopes. Envelope #1 - junk. Envelope #2..well, that's where the story begins to unfold.

Inside this envelope was an EOB from our insurance company showing a LARGE sum of money we owe the hospital where Cole had his Dental Surgery at. I held my breath as I looked at that paper. I didn't understand. We had dealt with the Dentist - we had paid the bill in advance, they didn't tell us to be expecting another bill, a HUGE bill. But as I sat and looked at it, it made sense - of course the hospital, anesthesia would bill separately. Why hadn't I thought of that? I used to work in insurance for petes sake. Ugh, now I had to call my Husband and we had to figure out how we were going to pay this bill. We are single income family now, and, no where in the budget was there allowance for this.

So, I made the call. He of course was surprised and shocked too. He sat in all the financial meetings with me when we planned for this. We both just felt a little foolish for not asking the right questions (but also a little taken back because in extensive discussion - no one ever said anything about this separate bill). Regardless we knew that we would have to take care of it, likely in small monthly payments that would stretch for a year or more :( Not ideal, but, we would make it work.

After I thanked God for the fact that it wasn't more than what it was, I sat down to continue through the mail. Envelope #3 - from an insurance company. I recognize this company from a policy I had taken out 5 years ago, but, I knew that it wasn't active anymore. Normally I would throw this envelope away & think nothing more of it - but, this time I decided to call them & let them know that they can remove me from their list. 20 minutes later the man is still trying to convince me that the policy is still active and I'm actually eligible for a claim rebate. Well...the rebate is for almost the exact amount that the bill was for :)

So you have goose bumps now right? Well hang on...
A short while later we got a call from the hospital where the surgery took place. Apparently they had looked into our bill, and, we qualified for 100% financial assistance on anything our insurance didn't pay. (there are benefits to being a one income family/poor I guess!ha) So...this money from the insurance company could now be used to help family members who needed it. There is no way to think that this was anything OTHER than a Blessing from God. He knew our need & the need of others AND provided for it before we even knew we had these needs.

God is so Good :)

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