Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lights Out .. literally...

Last night we experienced another power outage at home. 3 hours this time. It was actually as long as the outage in "The Great Blizzard of 2011" (of course I say that with loads of sarcasm).

It interrupted my entire episode of American Idol. Seriously...the nerve...

Poor Cole, he gets completely anxiety ridden when the power goes out. In the summer we have multiple storms a year that throws our power out. In the Winter, usually 1-2 a year we loose it for a few hours. This year has been especially hard.

Last spring, when I was terribly sick with my pregnancy, we had a fast moving tornado move through that knocked power out & sent us all rushing to shelter. Because I had been so sick, Cole was at Jason's parents house, not home with me. That was a traumatic experience to go through that and not be with his Mama.

Then, when Jason & I were in the hospital having Baby Jacob, Cole was staying at our house with my Parents...well the power went out again for several house. Again, without Mom or Dad. Two days later when he came to the hospital to visit Jason & I, the power went out at the hospital while he was there with us!

And then, of course, preparing for the big storm (that wasn't!) this past winter - Cole got very anxious at all the news coverage - so much so that we just couldn't even watch the weather reports with him in the same room.

So, when the power went off last night - very unexpectedly, I could tell he was scared and nervous. With Daddy not being home it makes it so hard. Cole has started this new thing lately where he thinks it's his job to take care of Mommy & Baby Jacob when Daddy isn't here. It breaks my heart because I want him to just be able to know that I will take care of all of us.

We prayed a lot last night when the lights were out. That God would bring them back, that he would keep the workers safe, that he would help Cole feel safe. At one point the lights came back on for 5 minutes, then went out again for another hour. That was frustrating for Cole.

When they finally came back on at 10p, Cole immediately shouted "Thank you Jesus! Now please, keep them on -- I gotta get some sleep!".

And, He did keep them on :) Thank you Jesus!

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