Sunday, February 6, 2011

Battling the Blues...

Stinky, Icky, Stupid Winter...

I have a bad case of the blues :(

There are so many factors that are contributing to my case of the downers...

The fact that I'm going a week at a time without leaving the house..AHHH!

Yeah those jeans I have on...yep, still maternity...10 weeks later :(

A baby that hasn't felt well lately and needs Mommy to hold & rock him A LOT - which in itself is fine, but, not so good when my house is in desperate need of attention.

Due to crappy Parental sleep habits & poor planning we haven't been to church in a month...which just in general leaves me feeling grumpy.

5 year old antics..need I say more?

Oh yeah, and, the Weather Man was kind enough to say we have more snow on the way..

Usually when I start to feel down, or stressed - Jason is my pick me up, but, we haven't got to spend much time with him. AND..we only get one day with Jas next week...and that's a week away, so..this Mama's got to find a way to pull herself out of this rut!

I guess it's time to start making my Thankful Lists again :)

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