Monday, February 28, 2011

My life as an iMom

Cell Phones, Computers, Mobile Internet...yep, I have fallen prey to the technology age. I am a self-proclaimed tech-idiot, however, I have to say -- I'm learning, slowly, but surely.

The thing about technology is the more you learn & get into it, the more it can consume your life. From Email & Blogging to Facebook...I am a sucker to it all, especially since becoming a stay-at-home Mom. Even though technology has provided Mom's like me an outlet to the world, in a sometimes boxed in life - it has also proved to be a hazard in our professional life. (Yes, I see Motherhood as a Professional Life!) How easy is it to let what started out as a quick status update - to turn into an hour long peruse through the news feed. It doesn't just hold up the laundry & dishes....but it can also cut into that important time with our children.

As Mom's we need to stay connected with our family, friends, even seeking out the learning opportunities that exist through the internet, it's equally important to make sure that we are scheduling this around the needs of our family. When the family is happy, the Momma is happy too :)

Are you an iMom? How do you schedule & keep in balance your internet time?

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