Monday, August 30, 2010

Growing up is hard to do!

Today is the first official day of Pre-K for Cole, meaning all the kids will be there today (not just the 10 with SN). He will have a new classroom, new teachers, new friends -- I'm a bit nervous for him! This morning he got on the big bus, with all the big kids, and, I have to admit, I felt sad in side that my "baby" is growing up this fast.

I'm getting ready to start cleaning to kill time until 11:15 when he's home again...and, fighting the urge the drive to the school just to peak in on him :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Monday I sent my baby off for his first day of his final year of Pre-K. Even though this is the 3rd time I have done this - it feels so different this year, knowing that next year he will start going full days, be in Kindergarten - and, we will have another child by then. I just want so badly to hold on to the bits of little boy he still has before he grows up so quickly! I'm so thankful I have been able to enjoy the past 4 months at home with him :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Preparing our Children...for persecution :(

I know this seems like a crazy topic for a Mom of a 4 year old to have on her heart! This summer I participated in a Bible Study with a group of other Mom's at my church. The study covered Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel. (I HIGHLY recommend it!) As the school year is upon us, I started reviewing some of the key chapters I really want to focus on with Cole. Needless to say..this was not one of them. However, at 5am today, wide awake..I felt God calling me to get up & spend time with him, and, this is what he laid in front of me.

We know that as Christians we will face persecution, we know that our children will -- we just expect it to be in Jr or Sr High. But my mind has been opened now to the "little things" that can really send them down the wrong path so young. I want Cole to stand strong in his faith -- so that he WILL be ready to face persecution when it comes! Which means I, as his Mom, need to make sure I'm helping him make the right choices from the beginning.

"Bad company corrupts good character" (1 Corinthians 15:33).

As much as our children need to be able to choose their friends, and, learn from those choices -- when they are young, we set the example of choosing the right friends...not only for our children but for us as well. (remember, they see everything!)

Cole doesn't always have the option of choosing all of his friends, because of his class situation, he is sometimes placed with groups of children I may not necessarily always think are the best influence. Last year, one of the little boys who Cole rode the bus with, told him he was a looser. He came home very sad - hanging his head, and, told us that he was a looser. I could see, at the age of 4, what his friends thought of him was deeply important to him. My heart broke as I explained to Cole that he was not a looser, and, that the little boy who said that likely had no idea what it even meant. To this day, Cole will bring that up from time to time....and, yes - it still breaks my heart just as much.

"A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity" (Proverbs 17:17)

As hard as it is to see your child suffer, how sweet it is to witness a friend (or even your child) stick up for another little friend :) Time & time again I have seen friends help Cole through difficult moments. I want Cole to be ready to do the same for friends in life when they need it.

One of the wonderful things about surrounding ourselves with Godly friends, is that we know how they parent, and, what they teach their children. I am blessed to be surrounded by a group of wonderful Mom's at my church and in my community. Watching them, encourages me to keep going! Many of their children, have become good friends with Cole - I am so proud to say that he has an excellent circle of friends in this group that I hope will remain in his life for years to come :)

My prayer for all of our children as this school year starts, is that they can find those few close friends that will be their "Brother during times of Adversity", and, that they will radiate Christ's Love as they go throughout their day. After all...sometimes the most innocent of us all, teach us the most :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

I've been waiting my whole life for this!

As we were driving into the Mt. Olympus Water Park & Hotel Rome in Wisconsin Dells, our precious 4 year old, Cole, excitedly announces..."I've been waiting my whole life for this!". It doesn't get much better than to see your child so excited & having so much fun (even if it is a little funny that he's been waiting 4 whole years for this vacation!)

Our Vacation was wonderful - although it wasn't a relaxing vacation, I have realized that those are likely over for a while. With a very active 4 year old boy & another baby boy on the way...I think we will have several years of busy vacations before the peaceful, relaxing ones return....but, that's OK.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Late night fun...well, maybe...

Last night was late night at the theme park. They close at 9pm, and, re-open from 10p - 1am. Since Cole took a late nap at 5pm, I thought it would be fun to take him back & ride more of the rides he loved.

But...when we got back inside the park we quickly realized that the Tiny Hero's go-karts, and, the Little Titans rollar coaster was closed :( Jason, Dad & Matt really wanted to ride Hades (which is the largest, most popular roller coaster in the park) so I sent them on their way to stand in line for 1.5 hours and I was determined to find something for Cole & I to do. I found a small area that had 3 rides that looked to be suited for little airplane ride, a hot air balloon looking ride, and, some small swings. First Cole rode the airplane ride...which was very anti-clamactic for him. He had a bum plane that did nothing :( After that he looked disappointed. I had watched the balloon ride thing and it looked OK. (keep in mind, I do NOT like rides at all). So...Cole & I entered the ride, and, took our place inside one of the balloon cars. My first indication something wasn't right should have been the large pole that spun the ride around & around. Let's just say both Cole & Mommy were holding on for dear life & praying it would end soon -- we both thought we were going to throw up :(

After that we started a very LONG, dark, walk back to the hotel suites by ourselves. The park was playing scary music & had creepy characters walking around (like Medusa who came up to us -YUCK). It reminded me of fright night at Six Flags...needless to say, the late night event is NOT for small children at all!

Once we got back to the suite Cole said "Mommy, let's not do that again, OK?". I assured him we would not be participating in the late night event ever again ... Daddy can do that while we have a nice relaxing sleep in the room.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More from The Dells...

Cole absolutly LOVES the Water Slides!!!

Look at that baby bump...well, I'm not even sure you can call it a "bump" when it's that big!

Jason having as much fun as Cole :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's another Griswold Family Vacation!

Anyone who knows my family, is aware that when we travel with family, something interesting always happens! I think God just wants to keep us on our toes :)

Day 1 of Vacation: We pull out of the house at 8am, headed for Milwaukee, WI for 1 night. By the time we hit the Chicago toll ways our car was starting to lock & unlock the doors all by itself! We thought maybe it was a weird radio frequency or something. We hit Milwaukee at 2pm (after 4 potty breaks for Mama!) and the auto locks, windows & interrior lights would not work....soon the van was dead & would not start. The radio was on & wouldn't turn off. FREAKY! My parents get here at 5pm and Dad & Jas take the Car to 2 Auto Stores to see what they know. End up replacing the battery, it will not run - but still no interrior lights, windows or doors. We head to Denny's for a quick dinner (which was FABULOUS must try the Red, White & Blue Pankcake Puppies for $1.99!!!), by the time we left dinner - the car starts, runs & all the extras are working again...Praise God!!! We are just praying now that the new battery has corrected the problem, and, we will make it safely to the Dells, and, then back home on Sunday.

Most of you also know what a hotel snob I am...well, this one is a doosy! No AC in the lobby, hallway or elevators! But, the room has AC thankfully :) The pool is closed & we have to walk to the neighboring hotel to swim. BUT, it's only 1 night and then we are in the nicest room in the place in the Dells :)

Cole is LOVING having Big Papa, Big Nana, Aunt Mana & Uncle Mac (better known as Aunt Marge) on vacation with him. He has a carseat in both cars so he can just switch whenever he wants. My family is also learning the joys of vacationing with a 4 year old as he knocks on their hotel door at 7am (I held him off from 6:30a...I can only do so much).

At 10:30a we are leaving Milwaukee and headed to the Dells. Our final destination, Hotel Rome for 4 days in the Cesar Suite. Cole is anxious to get to "Consin for the Water Slide".

Today is also Jas & my 9th Anniversary .... we are excited to maybe go to Dinner tonight by ourselves to celebrate :)