Friday, August 6, 2010

Late night fun...well, maybe...

Last night was late night at the theme park. They close at 9pm, and, re-open from 10p - 1am. Since Cole took a late nap at 5pm, I thought it would be fun to take him back & ride more of the rides he loved.

But...when we got back inside the park we quickly realized that the Tiny Hero's go-karts, and, the Little Titans rollar coaster was closed :( Jason, Dad & Matt really wanted to ride Hades (which is the largest, most popular roller coaster in the park) so I sent them on their way to stand in line for 1.5 hours and I was determined to find something for Cole & I to do. I found a small area that had 3 rides that looked to be suited for little airplane ride, a hot air balloon looking ride, and, some small swings. First Cole rode the airplane ride...which was very anti-clamactic for him. He had a bum plane that did nothing :( After that he looked disappointed. I had watched the balloon ride thing and it looked OK. (keep in mind, I do NOT like rides at all). So...Cole & I entered the ride, and, took our place inside one of the balloon cars. My first indication something wasn't right should have been the large pole that spun the ride around & around. Let's just say both Cole & Mommy were holding on for dear life & praying it would end soon -- we both thought we were going to throw up :(

After that we started a very LONG, dark, walk back to the hotel suites by ourselves. The park was playing scary music & had creepy characters walking around (like Medusa who came up to us -YUCK). It reminded me of fright night at Six Flags...needless to say, the late night event is NOT for small children at all!

Once we got back to the suite Cole said "Mommy, let's not do that again, OK?". I assured him we would not be participating in the late night event ever again ... Daddy can do that while we have a nice relaxing sleep in the room.

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