Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's another Griswold Family Vacation!

Anyone who knows my family, is aware that when we travel with family, something interesting always happens! I think God just wants to keep us on our toes :)

Day 1 of Vacation: We pull out of the house at 8am, headed for Milwaukee, WI for 1 night. By the time we hit the Chicago toll ways our car was starting to lock & unlock the doors all by itself! We thought maybe it was a weird radio frequency or something. We hit Milwaukee at 2pm (after 4 potty breaks for Mama!) and the auto locks, windows & interrior lights would not work....soon the van was dead & would not start. The radio was on & wouldn't turn off. FREAKY! My parents get here at 5pm and Dad & Jas take the Car to 2 Auto Stores to see what they know. End up replacing the battery, it will not run - but still no interrior lights, windows or doors. We head to Denny's for a quick dinner (which was FABULOUS must try the Red, White & Blue Pankcake Puppies for $1.99!!!), by the time we left dinner - the car starts, runs & all the extras are working again...Praise God!!! We are just praying now that the new battery has corrected the problem, and, we will make it safely to the Dells, and, then back home on Sunday.

Most of you also know what a hotel snob I am...well, this one is a doosy! No AC in the lobby, hallway or elevators! But, the room has AC thankfully :) The pool is closed & we have to walk to the neighboring hotel to swim. BUT, it's only 1 night and then we are in the nicest room in the place in the Dells :)

Cole is LOVING having Big Papa, Big Nana, Aunt Mana & Uncle Mac (better known as Aunt Marge) on vacation with him. He has a carseat in both cars so he can just switch whenever he wants. My family is also learning the joys of vacationing with a 4 year old as he knocks on their hotel door at 7am (I held him off from 6:30a...I can only do so much).

At 10:30a we are leaving Milwaukee and headed to the Dells. Our final destination, Hotel Rome for 4 days in the Cesar Suite. Cole is anxious to get to "Consin for the Water Slide".

Today is also Jas & my 9th Anniversary .... we are excited to maybe go to Dinner tonight by ourselves to celebrate :)

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