Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Projects

I'm so excited for Spring to get here! Maybe not for the same reason as others though...I am NOT a flower person! Seriously...I kill flowers, flowers they say can't be killed, yes, I successfully kill them. (But I love growing vegetables!)

Here are my upcoming projects I hope to complete before we open the pool this summer :)

Raised Vegetable Beds
After fighting the terrible ground, animals, Cole & his motorized Gator, and, Jason's lawnmower....I have finally decided to give Raised Vegetable Beds a try. I have really reduced my garden down to only what I use & enjoy eating homegrown. For carrots never tasted sweet, but yet I just kept planting them?! I'm still struggling with bitter lettuce, not sure if I will try that again this year or not. I will definitely plant tomatoes, peppers, green beans, potatoes, onions, zucchini & yellow squash. Jason is hoping to start building the beds in the next few weeks! I'm sure pictures will follow :)

Cole's New Room
When we found out I was pregnant with Jacob we gave Cole the option to stay in his room, or move to my office, which was a bigger room. He chose to move (thankfully! we didn't have to redecorate a baby nursery!), but we never really had time to paint & decorate his he still has the same Cream colored walls & Americana theme curtains that existed in my office. I have a neat design to paint (stripes, 2 different kinds) and have been selecting special photos to have blown up & framed for him. Because the design is more difficult, we wanted to wait until Spring so that we could have all the windows open & take our time painting. My goal is to do this sometime in April - probably toward the end, maybe the beginning of May.

This one is huge. We have stuff, lots & lots of stuff. Most of it is crammed into our basement (we don't' have a garage) and just need to be sold, donated, given away. My ultimate goal is to have the basement cleared out to where one side is for Jason's fishing supplies (he has A LOT!), and, storage. And the other side is for exercise equipment, and, a play area for the kids. Although the basement isn't finished, it is decent sized and provides a nice area for the kids to run, throw balls, etc - without tearing up my house! The hard part for me will be getting rid of things. Do you know I still have ALL the centerpieces from my wedding?! How insane is that. If anyone is interested in silk lilac colored hydrangea centerpieces, I can hook you up :) Ugh...ridiculous.

As if all of this isn't enough...we still have a load of landscaping bricks from 3 years ago to put around our drive way. But, I better not even add that to my list :)

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  1. Um, I think you have my problem of too many expectations and not enough time to get it done! You have LOTS going on!