Monday, March 7, 2011

Just surviving...'s been an interesting weekend.

Saturday we were all completely exhausted. I had a baby shower to go to from 10-12, and, then came home & we all took long naps & just hung out. These types of days are not good for me, not accomplishing anything makes me feel very down & cranky. Saturday night Jason & Cole went to his parents for dinner, while Jacob & I stayed home. With Jacob's bedtime being at 7p, by 6p he's really getting tired & cranky - so it's just best that we stay put. That was a nice evening to just sit & read :)

Well...middle of the night Sat things started going downhill. Cole wakes up screaming in pain from his ear - I held him off as long as I could hoping to make it to the Prompt Care in Spfld rather than an ER visit, but, it wasn't happening. My "anti-dr & medicine" child was begging for a dr & medicine :( to the emergency room we go. After we got his meds & home, his tube came out of that ear -- now I'm praying that the ear continues draining on its own so we don't have to have a 2nd set of tubes. Poor guy has had to lay down for over 24 hours because his ear is draining so badly. I'm praying that the antibiotics kick in soon.

And, Monday has started with this Mama having no sleep (again) and the busiest week I have had since Jacob was born. To top it all off - I leave on Friday for a Mom's Conference. An event I look forward to every year...but, am now having serious doubts about leaving my babies :(

So, yes, we are just in pure survival mode right now!


  1. OH Jenny, that sounds rough! Being a mom is all about being in Survival mode, for sure. Sounds like you had to kick it into high hear this weekend!

    I sometimes wonder (or know!) that when you have plans that involves God (and your sanity!) the enemy steps in and tries to foil any part of you being closer to God. I've seen it time and time again on a Sunday alarm doesn't go off on the day my husband is baptized after being up all night with a sick son, kids scream and throw fits to the point where you want to just give up and stay home, or me having anxiety so bad I don't want to get out of bed. I think it's all part of the enemy. So, hang in will get in your trip this week. Just keep praying and having faith God will take control! Praying!!

  2. I completely agree Kasey! And even more things have kind of stepped in the way of my weekend trip to the conference now. Ugh..I am going! one way or another!