Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sick Babies...and they shared :(

Wednesday was the first remotely nice day we have had in forever, so I opened a few windows in the house to try to air out some of the winter germs. We played outside for a bit..such a great day!

Well...then came 4am Thursday. Both of my boys woke up congested :( I spent the day Thursday rocking a cranky baby & trying to decide if he needed to see the Dr. I finally called the Dr at 1:30, but, our Pediatrician was out, so they told us he would be fine until Friday. Well...he wasn't :( That night his fever rose, and ended up hitting 102 before it went down. The tele-nurse thought it sounded an awful lot like RSV. So, Friday morning Jacob & I head off to Sfld to the pediatrician. Fortunately the RSV test came back negative.

Fast forward 2 days later...Cole's fine & more active than ever. Jacob is on the mend, although still dealing with some congestion. And, Jason & I...well, we are down & out with this crazy head cold. Both taking medicine every 4 hours & taking turns napping trying to get as much rest in as we can before we start another busy week.

What happened to our great immune systems that kept us bouncing back as fast as these kids do? I'm feeling really old right now!

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