Monday, March 28, 2011

Faith like a Child

I have to say, I never truly understood what Faith like a Child was until I had my own Children.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures. Cole & BoBo. This was not staged - just a perfect pic :)

BoBo is the bear that Jason & I made for Cole when I was pregnant. We did it on vacation at the Boyds Bear Factory in Gatlinburg, TN - this factory is now closed :( We were not smart to allow our baby to fall in love with a hand-wash, one of a kind, can never be replaced stuffed animal - DO NOT MAKE OUR MISTAKE! Needless to say - 5 years later, he's still in love with it. Bo is his best friend, his comfort item, and, a part of our family. But, as he's gotten older - I find that he's a little more "forgetful" with where he puts Bo, and, many times doesn't "need" him until nap or bedtime. We have had 3 terrible situations in the last month where we realized much later that BoBo was not with us :(

The first of these was in Fairview Heights shopping, Jason took both boys with him into one store while I went into a resale shop on my own (I know...your all jealous aren't you?! Yes, he really is that great of a dad!), well, because he was so busy caring for both kids, he didn't realize that BoBo was left in the cart, in the cart corral, until we were WAY on the other side of town. We prayed the entire way back to the store that we would find Bo. Cole sat in his carseat, tears streaming down his face, praying "Jesus, please take care of my best friend, I need him". We were sooo releived to find him laying over the side of the empty cart corral - some wonderful soul left him there as the carts were removed.

The next situation was about 2 weeks after that. We took my Grandma to an Eye Dr appt and Cole took him in (after I begged him to leave him in the car!), when we got back home (an hour later) we realized that BoBo wasn't with us. It was after 5p on Friday night. Our dear, dear friends who live in the same town as the Dr. got ahold of a receptionist who met them at the office & searched the entire office after hours. No Bo. I told Cole that Bo was gone and we may not be able to find him. He went to his room, and, I heard him pray. Ever so confidently he said..."Jesus, I know you will bring my bear back - you did before, and, I know you will again. Please just help me sleep until you send him home". Wow...what was I to say to that?! Well, I truly believe Jesus placed that bear in the car - because I don't think he was there when I looked before. Either way...Bo was home.

And, finally - last week, we realize at nap time that Bo is missing...AGAIN...I figured he must have been left on the school bus, but the bus driver said no. My stomach knots up again. I searched, and, searched the house. I heard Cole praying again to Jesus! I walked outside, and, all the way out our drive way - and, there's BoBo, sitting right beside the road. Did he drop him when he got off the bus?! Wow, you would think I would have noticed that.

My reason for telling the story isn't really about the bear (although, that silly thing has shaved at least 5 years off my life in the last month!), but, moreso my complete admiration for the Faith my Son has that Jesus will bring his best friend back. If I had half as much faith as what Cole shown, how much different would my life be?! God wants us to have faith in him, he wants us to bring our problems to him, and, TRUST that he has it under control, and then ACCEPT the answer he gives us.

We are trying right now to teach Cole to be responsible for BoBo. I firmly believe that God expects us to be responsible for & diligent with the gifts he gives us.

(of course, I'm secretly terrified of the day that BoBo is really lost and does not get returned - I'm not sure if it will be more painful for Cole or Jason & I, but, I pray it never happens!)

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