Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cleaning Schedule

While most people are starting their spring cleaning, I find myself just getting a handle back on my everyday cleaning. After we brought Jacob home from the hospital, it felt like once again everything went to pot! The mounds, and, mounds of laundry piled up. The dishes were always begging to be done...along with a huge stack of bottles. And, my floors were in dire need of mopping - mostly because Cole was attempting to pour his own juice everytime I found myself stuck in the chair for an hour nursing!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I carved out a plan. Determined to find a way to get my house back in order, and, keep myself from feeling like everything had to be done everyday, I created a cleaning schedule.

Mondays - Bathrooms (3) and laundry
Tuesday - Counter tops, Tabletops & Dusting
Wednesday - Floors and laundry
Thursday- Wash bedsheets, Clean out the Van, Pick up the deck/yard
Friday - Budget & Bill paying, Grocery Shopping if possible
Saturday - Errands, Grocery Shopping if can't do it Friday, Laundry
Sunday - FAMILY DAY!

This is week #3 on the schedule and it's working pretty well. (Obviously we have to do the general "pick-up" everyday.) I have had times that I haven't gotten to that days chores, and, it wasn't the end of the world - but, if I stay on top of them, most days I can have them done in about 1/2 the day - leaving the rest for time with the kids, cooking, or other activities.

I really hope that I'm able to stick with it going into summer so that we can have more stress-free fun days :)

Do you have a cleaning schedule? How do you handle getting everything done & not loosing your mind? :)

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