Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have reached the place today of physical exhaustion. I know that at some point in your mothering life you have been here - and, if you say you haven't, well - your just flat out lying!

Jacob is 16 weeks old. That means I haven't slept an entire night in 4 months! He's on this crazy schedule lately of sleeping in 15 minute intervals, and, he's still eating every hour and a half to two hours. He also wants to be held...a lot...
What is it with these babies?! (I hope your sensing the massive amount of sarcasm associated with that comment)

And Cole is 5. Which means I haven't been allowed to potty by myself in at least 3 years. I also spend a significant amount of my time as a pink power ranger & am expecting to know all about Ben 10's Aliens. Quite frankly it's not difficult to relate to the aliens...most days I look like one with my hair standing on end & no make up on :)

Seriously folks, I love my kids. No, really, I do - I swear.

I just love sleep too.

Yep, it's a tightly run race right now.

Both of my boys were up at 5am today :)

God, thank you for my Blessings. God, thank you for my Blessings :)

One suggestion..a mute button would be fantastic some days. Just a thought.

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