Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bye Bye Cable TV!

Well...we are finally taking the plunge, and canceling our cable TV. This was something that I have personally thought about for a long time, but, it really just a serious topic of discussion since we became a one income family. We will be saving $80 a month, and, hopefully ridding the household of some of the garbage that's on TV now.

By no means do I think this won't be a bit of a challenge for all of us. And, honestly - I think I'm the only one that has any sense of "excitement" over this at all. I see much fear in the face of Jason & Cole! I also fear for the crankiness that may flow from both of the older boys when a sports show or cartoon isn't readily available, not to mention how I may feel not having Lifetime & SoapNet just a click away. We have all grown up in a media enriched world. Even Jason & I grew up with TV's in our bedroom - and, to this day - still do. (We currently have 5 TV's in our home, not counting the 3 computers that you can also watch shows on!)

It's not like we will be without anything though. The antenna Jason installed this weekend is picking up 14 channels (including 2 music video channels?!), and, we will still keep our internet allowing endless network reruns. We do subscribe to netflix so that will still offer possibilities there. I have overheard Jason discussing Google TV which allows you to watch anything on the internet, for free, from your TV...I will try with all my might to avoid that!

I'm really not opposed to TV, I just want us to spend some time desensitizing. I want Cole & Jacob to learn that the TV does not have to be on at all times. I want Jason to once again enjoy reading...he hasn't picked up a book in over 15 years :( I want myself to feel like I don't "need" to watch 3 soap operas a day! (yes, that's the sad truth)

Not completely sure when the magic switched will be flipped, sometime in the next week they say. I guess we will just be surprised when it happens :)

I'm sure this will be an adventure for us all, and, I'm sure you will hear more about this in upcoming posts :)

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