Friday, January 28, 2011

Steals & Deals with Online Photo Printing

If you have paid attention to any of my facebook posts lately you know that I have enjoyed several nice freebies lately from online photo companies, most of the time paying only S&H. And so far, I'm really happy with the products & prints :)

Here are a few tips to start putting those memories on paper for your family...

First, sign up with all the online photo companies you can find. Most of them offer FREE prints for new customers. (you may want to wait to sign up with a lot of them until you have enough photo's stored up for printing - most offers do have expirations on them). I got 75 FREE prints with Shutterfly, and, another 40 I think with Snapfish.

Sign your spouse up for his own account. Each email address qualifies for their own account! (just remember to check his email account hubby would automatically delete these emails if I didn't deal with them!)

Watch your email for specials & be ready to ACT FAST with your prints. This week alone I got 10-5x7 Photo cards with Envelopes, and 2-20 page hardcover photobooks...all for less than $15 S&H. In both instances, I had less than 24 hours to complete my project and submit my order.

One of my coupon websites ( gives FAST alerts to photo deals. This website does cost $12 a year to subscribe too - but is a must have for a serious couponer (if your only looking to do photo deals, I wouldn't pay an annual subscription for that).

LIKE coupon sites on Facebook. They update all day long & offer the fastest notification to fast moving deals. A few that I like are "Penny Pinchin' Mom" & "Frugal Coupon Living" - they seem to stay on top of all the deals.

Pay attention to the weekly fliers for CVS, Walgreens, Alco...these stores often offer great deals on prints, photobooks, etc in store. You can also order online on these sites!

Some of the sites I frequent the most... (25 free prints for new accounts) (several offers to choose from for new accounts) (25 free photo cards) (20 free prints for new accounts) (25 free prints for new accounts) (50 free prints for new accounts) (16 free prints for new accounts) (always lots of freebies on this site! tshirts, totebags, mugs, etc)

And the list goes on & online search will help you figure out which sites are best for your needs.

If you have any tips for great online photo deals, I would love to hear them!

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  1. Maybe you should post your great photo deals on your blog in time for me to get the deal too :)