Monday, January 24, 2011

How did this happen?!

Saturday Jacob turned 2 months old. As I was rocking him to sleep last night, that was the thought going through my mind "How did this happen?!". It seems like just yesterday we were still in the hospital (begging to leave by day 5!), and, now Jacob is starting to hold his head up by himself.

This little Vtech Busy Bee was a Christmas Gift for Jacob from my Mom & Dad. He loves it! I have to say they pick out the best baby gifts. Cole & Jacob both love the activity gym & peek-a-boo eeyore that they got for Cole as a baby, and, now the Busy Bee just fits right in. Jacob is starting to reach for the buttons on the the bee to turn it on, and, smiles ear to ear each time we put it in front of him.

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