Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Planner...January 10-14

A few of my friends have asked about how I plan my I decided to add this to my blog. If anything is a recipe..It will be in italics and I'm always happy to share recipes.

Our weeks are a bit different than some, with Jason gone 2 nights a week - we do a pretty light meal those nights, and usually, kid friendly :) And, if your looking for extremely healthy food - this isn't the blog for you! We are a house of boys & kids, and, at this time in our life, getting a veggie or fruit in the meal is peace enough for me :)

Monday...Salad, Spaghetti & Garlic Bread
Tuesday...Salad, Pesto Gnocci & Homemade Bread
Wednesday...Italian Beef & Potato Salad
Thursday...Chicken Patties, Tater Tots & Corn, Fresh Veggies & Dip
Friday...Salad, Garlic Tortellini, Garlic Bread
Saturday...Loaded Baked Potato Soup & Homemade Bread
Sunday...Deer Steaks, Baked Potato, Green Beans & Bread

Our Breakfasts are very low key here...cereal, toast & bacon, fruit, and, (yes, bad I know) Chocolate Donuts.

Lunches are usually pretty boring too since it's just me & the boys. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sandwiches, leftovers. The only thing is we always have either fresh veggies or fruit.

Our sweet treats this week will be brownies & lemon cookies.

If your having something great to eat this week I would love to hear about it!


  1. Love seeing other people's menu plans. It inspires to me to try different stuff. I feel like I am always fixing the sames things over and over.

  2. I know, I feel the same way. And, with the boys - I have been having to fall to easier, convenience foods lately too.