Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cole's Surgery

Last Wednesday Cole had his Dental Surgery. He had to have a few cavities filled - they were small ones, but, in between molars in the back which meant a longer process, so the Pedi-Dentist suggested we go the route of full sedation. Of course Cole's diagnosis factored into this - by putting him totally to sleep, at the hospital, he "hopefully" won't relate this back to the Dentist or a normal Dentist visit.

Because I have a TERRIBLE fear of the dentist, I was very worried & anxious for Cole. But, I have to say - he did amazing :)

This is Cole right after we checked in to the hospital. He had special "scrubs" to wear, and, he loved that he had full access to the nurses. In this shot he was calling the nurse asking for Doritos!

This picture is right before they wheeled him into surgery. They gave him a little cup of "juice" to drink that was a medication that would make him very tired and kind of out of it. They didn't want him to really remember the operating room at all before falling asleep - and, didn't want to put an IV in his arm before he was asleep. This medicine worked like a charm! As you can see in the pic, he's feeling a little loopy :)

The other cool thing about the drink they gave him before surgery was that most of the time kids don't even remember their surgery due to this med. Cole remembers going to the hospital - but has no negative thoughts at all - indicating to us he really does not remember it. That is great to us!

The Pedi-Dentist we found is AWESOME. I will use him for all of Cole & Jacob's visits in the future. He just knows how to work with kids and did excellent with Cole's needs as well.

On another note, Cole is doing great flossing now too. I have to admit that was our fault to start with, neither Jason or I are good flossers - so we just kind of passed along our good brushing, but stinky flossing habits. Hopefully this prevents any future cavities!

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