Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slap a Sight Word!

A month into Kindergarten and we are all about sight words in the Lenczycki House! I found this cute idea on Pinterest, and, fell in love. Now each morning when Cole leaves for school he has to read the 2 sight words by the door & "high five" the hands. I plan to put a set of hands in each bathroom too - just to get a few more words in use around here :)

These were so easy to make. Print the handprint outline onto colored cardstock (to make them a little more sturdy), laminate that & cut around. Print the sight words onto regular computer paper. Cute around the letters (allowing for height differences, this helps child distinguish between the letters), glue onto a piece of cardstock, laminate & cut around that. Attach velcro to the hands & words - and, change out as often as you like.

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