Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homework time!

Even though homework is pretty minimal in Kindergarten, we have a regular homework time as soon as Cole gets off the bus. I use that time to reinforce skills they are working on at school.

This is Cole's regular homework position. At the kitchen table, pencil in one hand - snack in the other! (this day, it was cheetos, so cheesy fingers on top of it!)

Because he has mastered the current skill they are working on with numbers, I decided to just try some simple addition. I used a worksheet that included the scale at the top & taught Cole how to find the number, move over X tick marks until he gets the answer. I also had him count on his fingers to reinforce he had the correct answer. He actually got everyone correct, on his own! I was so proud of him! (and a little proud of me for having a part in teaching him how to figure out the answer, he he)

Here is his first Math worksheet!

As you can see, he still struggles a bit with handwriting. The OT has us using this wishbone pencil - which makes it easier for Cole, but it doesn't solve the problem of his hands hurting when he writes. That will truly just take time, practice & getting used to the feeling of it. But, for the most part his numbers are all legible - which is a step up from last year!

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