Monday, September 12, 2011

I have sat down to blog a few times in the past month, but, each time I started to write I felt a bit stressed - so I deleted it & thought "oh, tomorrow". Life has been a little stressful lately.

In the past 2 months life has looked a little like this...
We had a sweet, beautiful "gift" for a week that turned our lives upside down (more on that, someday). I still haven't fully dealt with the emotional leftovers of that adventure.
Cole started Kindergarten. That has thrown us into a whole new routine. Early mornings, packing lunches, doing homework, new bedtime routines - ahhh! The amount of material they cover in a week is a little surprising to me. I try to make sure that our school time at home (still fondly called "Mommy School" - creative, huh?! ha!) reinforces what they are doing at school - but I'm even having a hard time keeping up.
Jacob is just so unbelievably active. He's "crunning" (as much of a run while crawling as he possibly can!), teething, and eating me out of house & home! He still doesn't sleep through the night, that's a killer - and his naps have never been as good as Cole's were. He has 8 teeth already! Teething has been so much harder on him than it ever was on Cole. Lots of fussy days :( He also gets very fussy with Jason's Mom - who is our only real babysitter option many nights - which makes it very difficult for me to get out of the house without the boys at all during the week :(
I have several volunteer irons in the fire that are keeping me very busy. I love doing these things - all are wonderful, worthy organizations - but it's hard when you don't have your husband home at night to take a turn with baths & bed :)
OH, and, we still have a ceiling that needs replaced from the flooding that occurred in July! Seriously, how ridiculous is that?!

Ahhh...all that said, I'm also finding myself stressed about my house lately. I feel unorganized, clutter, and, just all around NOT peaceful about my living environment.

I think I need a week with nothing on my calendar to get life back in order & feel better! Wonder when that will happen?!

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