Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Project: Bookworm

Disclosure: I am not crafty or creative! Thank God I have boys & they are not critical of my skills (or lack thereof!).

Our first summer project that I will share is our bookworm. In the Winter, we do a great job at reading everyday, but, in the summer - it gets harder. Between outside activities, vacation, and the pool we don't do as good of a job. Cole's Kindergarten teacher recommended that he read 100 books this summer, so we decided to create a bookworm. For every book he reads, he gets to add another "bubble" to his worm. It's hanging in the Kitchen (clothespin to the window where his house rules are), hopefully the visual helps keep this motivating. It's gonna be a big worm if we make it to 100!

Another reading project we are starting is slowly adjusting Cole to chapter books rather than just short stories. To help with this, Jason is purchasing a book that he liked as a child, and, he & Cole will read a chapter everyday he is off. Daddy reading to him is a real treat - so I think this will be very motivating for Cole! Adding chapter books into his reading will help him hold his attention span for longer periods of time, and increase his story telling skills. I'm excited to see how this goes (well, once Dad finds the book he wants that is!).

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