Monday, May 9, 2011

Stinky Pizza

I will never forget the look on Cole's face. Jason & I were in the kitchen, cooking dinner together, Cole & Jacob were in the living room watching Curious George. Cole screams "Mom, get in here!", I said "What's wrong?" (in my, OMGosh, someone's dying voice) as I'm running to the living room. He replies "Jacob..he smells like Stinky Pizza". Jason & I both look at him completely confused, and, as him again..WHAT?! Coles reply: "He smells. Are you hearing me? His butt smells like Stinky Pizza - can you do something about that?".

Although I'm not sure I agreed that the dirty diaper resembled the smell stinky pizza (I thought more like raw sewage), we have all adopted the "stinky pizza" description now :)

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