Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our life without cable TV

Because we have had SO many people comment & ask questions about this, I decided to blog about our journey canceling cable TV.

My first observation personally....without a cable/satellite box in each room - we have virtually no clocks! Apparently we have gotten so used to those boxes having digital time on them that I never felt the need to invest in real clocks. Hmmm....I must put that on my to-do list.

Antennas can also be very unreliable....I haven't seen the news in 2 days because it seems like everyday at noon the nbc channel goes out. I have however had plenty of time to catch up on whats happening in Washington DC on PBS. Yeah...I think I'd rather have the local weather.

Cole has surprisingly been OK with the whole transition. We were so worried about how he would react. I know, he's only 5 - but, since birth he has had TV available to him in every room of the house except the baby nursery. When he was 6 months old we paid $70 for a box set of Baby Einstein DVD's, and, for the first 3 years of his life we spent $10 a month on the Baby Channel on DirecTV - because we thought it was better for him then regular TV. Seriously - ridiculous!

I did get the Bill today, and, we have reduced our monthly spending on home phone, tv, & internet by $80+ a month..which makes it worth it to me!

The next step in this test comes this weekend when Jason is home for 2 days. The sad thing is we will no longer be able to watch the Cubs games together (the antenna definitely doesn't get WGN!), but, we still have the radio...just without Ron Santo, oh it's a sad time for Cubs Fans. But, I digress.

Be on the lookout for another update next week...if I live through the weekend with Jason's withdrawls that is :)

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