Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cleaning Tips...from the girl who hates to clean :)

Yes, I have been cleaning all my life - and, quite frankly I'm sick of it! I think after about 20 years of cleaning you should get a pass for the next 10 at least. But, alas...that has yet to happen. And, then for some crazy reason, when I became this stay-at-home Mom...all the sudden it was like my job now...what's up with that?! are some of my tried & true tips, to hopefully make your life easier :)

1. Keep an extra scrubby sponge (you know, those things you use with body wash - I have no idea what they are really called), in your shower. When your done & before you get out - take that & doing a quick scrub on your entire shower & the door...with soap still on the walls & the door, and, the hot water to then rinse it off - your shower is sure to sparkle like you just spent an hour on your hands & knees.
2. Always dry your fixtures on the tub/shower when your done drying yourself off. This will prevent spots & look like you have worked really hard every day to keep them shining.
3. When your done washing your face, use that same washcloth to wipe down the bathroom vanity. No cleaner needed - just the hot water on your washcloth & all that hairspray & make-up from the day will come right up. Again, dry the fixtures so they sparkle.
4. After you do your dishes from dinner, take that washcloth you just wiped the table down with, and, throw it on the floor - walk around to any spots that have mysteriously appeared throughout the day (surely that doesn't only happens in my house, right?!) and scrub it with your foot - DO NOT BEND OVER, there is just no need :)

And, my last & final tip...keep lots of good smelling things in the house. Plug-ins, Scentsy (my personal favorite!), candles, etc. If your house smells good - people are less likely to care about that load of laundry that has been gracing the top of your dining room table for 3 days BEGGING to be folded.

I would LOVE to hear what tips you have that make your cleaning time shorter & more enjoyable! Please share :)


  1. Great tips Jenny!!!

  2. While wiping down the tub/shower fixtures, also use the towel to wipe down the shower walls. Keeps all that moisture from collecting at the bottom of the shower walls and becoming a breeding ground for mold/mildew. Then leave the shower door/curtain open a bit to air out any remaining moisture.

    I also do a daily swish and swipe (takes less than 5 minutes) in the bathroom: swish the toilet bowl and swipe the bathroom sink and the front of the toilet. No longer embarrassed by an unsightly toilet bowl ring when unexpected company uses the bathroom and those toothpaste spatters (that I promised God I wouldn't complain about) aren't grinning up at me.

    For a chemical-free toilet bowl cleaner, I put a couple of large glugs of vinegar in the bowl and let it sit (overnight or when away from home for several hours).

  3. Thanks for the tips Bunni! We have a dog that is caught in the toilet bowl more often than not & I'm always scared about using chemical cleaners - I'm going to try the vinegar tonight!!