Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Sun-SAVING Summer must have!

I have learned over the past 2 years that the most effective way to slather up my wiggly sun with sunscreen is definitely the continuous spray bottles. However, the Coppertone brand I always used is really very expensive at almost $9/bottle. (You do go through the spray bottles much faster than the lotions).

2 weeks ago, I was out, and, didn't have time for a Walmart run - so I quickly ran into Dollar General hoping they would have a can of our brand. Well, they did...but, right next to it was the DG only $6/bottle...all the same ingredients. So, I reluctantly gave it a try...fully expecting a disappointing sunburn on my 4 year old. 2 weeks later, I can safely say that Cole has not had even a touch of pink on his little sun-kissed beach body :D

I thought I would share the details on this goldmine of a little find in case you would like to give it a try!

Sold at Dollar General
DG Body is the brand
Sunscreen (Continuous Spray), SPF 70
Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protectant, Water Resistant & Sprays at any angle
(compare to the ingredients in Coppertone)

Dollar General also has a 100% if your not happy with it for any reason you simply call 888-309-9030. I'm not sure if it's a store credit, or money back.

Happy Saving!

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