Friday, July 9, 2010

Clorox Clean-up + Latex Gloves = a Happy Mommy :)

When I clean, I like to clean with bleach - to me, it just feels "cleaner". But, I get sick of mixing up a bucket of bleach/water mix each time I'm going to clean a bathroom (I have 2 boys now...i'm sure you can see my dilemma). Well I have finally found a cleaning product that has bleach in it...but wow, this really is a bleach cleaning product! (it even took my darkest color make-up off the bathroom sink...everything looks so much whiter!)

It's very inexpensive $2 or so at at Walmart, Target, etc - and, works AMAZINGLY! When I clean the bathroom with this- the entire upstairs has that clean, bleach scent :)

I also solved my other battle...which is the smell of bleach on my hands for 12 hours after I clean with it. Why on earth I never thought of this before I have no idea, but, I recently purchased a box of latex gloves at the pharmacy, and, tried them out. 1 pair will make it through all 3 of my bathrooms & my hands have NO scent! I love it :) I bought the purple heavier duty kind..but next I will try the cheaper ones to see if they will keep the scent out too.

Happy Cleaning :)

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  1. Gotta love Clorox products! They clean without having to get out the bleach bucket!