Thursday, July 8, 2010

Observations of a SAH Mommy

So, I have made a few observations in the past 2 months of staying home.
  1. We eat out less, and, I am really enjoying putting my love of cooking to work.
  2. We CAN make it on a lot less money than we ever thought!
  3. The house is cleaner & doesn't stress me near as much.
  4. Weekends are much less stressful since I can take care of so much during the week.
  5. I never thought I could enjoy the company of my son anymore than I did...I was wrong :)
  6. Having the time & ability to help out where I couldn't before feels really good.
  7. Unfortunately, I dislike the dog more than I did before :(
  8. Separation anxiety can develop when your child is 4...even if he never had it before :(
And the most startling observation yet....
  • We go through A LOT more toilet paper than we ever did before! I always thought it was Jason who used so much....I am now reaching the sad realization that it may be me!

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