Thursday, July 15, 2010

Becoming a CHO

My Journey in the profession of SAH Mommy begin the end of April (and so far has been good!). I am just recently discovering my need to put back to work the skill sets that God Gifted me with in my Corporate/Ministry Profession of the past.

On Tuesday, at our Mom's Bible Study at Church, a friend handed me the book "Becoming a Chief Home Officer" by Allie Pleiter. This is a Hearts @ Home series book (and we all know how crazy I am about Hearts!). I started reading it on Tuesday at lunch, and, finished it about 9:30am today (Thursday). I love to read, but it's been many (many)years since I have been able to put away 227 pages in less than 48 hours! The book is all about how to thrive in this "career-shift" you have just made (or are thinking of making). It has wonderful, practical ideas & addresses the real feelings that can emerge from this shift.

The author addresses all the necessary parts of this career shift. From how you view your position as CHO, to your career cloths. Paychecks, Time Off & Advanced Labor Relations are all included. And, of course Managing your staff (oh, those tiny employees!). She also has a chapter on Training & Development...she actually tells you how to LEARN to clean if housekeeping wasn't ever your thing before! A realistic chapter on jumping back into the workforce when needed for the sake of the family has must-have tips on this whole new adjustment & the success of your family.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Motherhood is much more about "being" than about "doing". That's hard to remember when no one really sees the "being" part, but the evidence of "doing" is smack in front of your face."

"God has things he wants us to learn, that we can ONLY learn as a Mom at home."

"I've discovered my attitude shapes my children's behavior. More than any other variable, it is my attitude that calls the shots."

"Motherhood has taught me - thankfully, that sometimes it is a gift to say "yes" when you can't think of a good reason to say "no"."

And, my absolute FAVORITE quote...

"Whatever you bring to this job is enough. And, it is enough because God does the rest".

This book will now be on my list of "must-haves" for any friends that choose to dive into this profession in life :)

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