Friday, January 1, 2010

We Welcome 2010!

I have a list of New Year's Resolutions a mile long this year!

I haven't made many in the past, not necessarily because I wouldn't stick to them -- but more so because I didn't want to change much. I was pretty happy with my life. This year however, God has opened my eyes to so much -- I am seeking him more than ever now, and, my hope is that 2010 will be a growing year for our family!!

So, that being said...I'm blogging my resolutions (in no certain order). Hey- maybe one of you out there will remember & ask me someday. Accountability is key :)

1. Matthew 6: 25-34. My whole life I have worried about tomorrow & the next day, even weeks to come - I'm trying hard to trust Jesus for NOW and let him handle the future :)

2. Financial Peace! While we have been on & off of our Dave Ramsey plan for a few years now, we have finally reached a place (God placed of course!) where we must make it happen. It's may be a long 2 years - but our lives will be so much better because of it :)

3. Time with my husband a priority! We get so busy, his schedule - my schedule, we very seldom spend time alone. Again, God has given us an opportunity over the last 6 weeks to spend time together like we never have before. I'm scared for when he goes back to work - I know we will have to work really hard to make time, but, I now know why it's so important :)

Well - there are many other things...I would love to finally read through my whole bible in one year, oh yeah...and, loose 40 pounds, exercise daily, eat better....but for now we are going to start here & see where it goes :)

From our Family to Yours....Wishing you God's Blessings in 2010!!

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