Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love being home ...

I am enjoying this time away from the office so much! Although there is still work I have to do almost daily, it's wonderful to just take care of the necessary items, then walk away & focus on my family. I'm realizing more & more everyday how quickly Cole is growing, I feel like I have missed so much this past year in all my busyness. It's amazing how you can work at home 2 days a week, and, yet still engross yourself so much in work - that your not really having time with your child anyway. I need to work on that :)

Jason, Cole & I have been enjoying watching a video each night of Cole growing up. We are down to 3 tapes, and, I'm realizing how little we tape now...this year only twice - his birthday & Christmas. I need to change that too! It's precious to watch all those little moments that we have forgotten! We started with my baby shower & are up to Cole's first Christmas. Amazing how only 3 tapes left are supposed to document 3 years of his life? Geez...I gotta get that camera out more! Cole is loving seeing himself & especially Daddy on TV.

We did get a call tonight from Jason's Parents with a prayer need. His Mom (Betty) has been fighting back pain for quite some time now. She has treated with Chiropractor visits & now physical therapy with no luck. They did an MRI before Christmas, and, just found out that she has a herniated disc. I don't understand much about that - but, they say it's a large herniation. They have a few options on the table....surgery or pain managment. Having just come from this battle with my Grandma Rosie with pain management, and, hearing all the risks involved in deadening nerves, etc .. it scares me. But then again, I don't want her to have to have surgery either. Please pray with us for a healing in Betty's back.

Tonight is a date night for Jas & I, which is really exciting to me because we never get them when he works - his schedule is just too crazy. Now, if I can only get more than 2 hours of sleep "tonight" maybe I won't fall asleep at dinner tonight!


  1. Enjoy your date night! I know how important those can be... and how few and far between they can get at times! Where are you guys going?

  2. Well, we went to Springfield...but, it wasn't so great. I think I set my sights way to high because they are SO FEW and far between for us....and, I get disappointed. Plus I tried to cram a bunch of store returns into the trip too...which wasn't good. Rule #1...no business, kids or errands on date night!
    But, Cole's bedtime is quickly approaching, and, I think there may be a Rumi tournament in the making :)