Monday, December 7, 2009


First of all, I just found out that my Grandma DOES NOT have Cancer. I know, this is totally crazy. As of yesterday, there was cancer was in her bladder, rectum, uterus (that isn't even there anymore) and everywhere in between. It had eaten an (internal) whole in her body, causing the need for a colostomy today. We were told that after the surgery today, they would start chemo to prolong her life, and, and at some point move to hospice. MINUTES before the Dr went into surgery today he got a call from Pathology that the latest tests showed no cancer. He chose not to release this to the family, went ahead to start the procedure for the colostomy -- and, while he was in surgery found absolutely no sign of cancer. I believe with all my heart this was a Miracle from God. My 93 year old Great-Grandmother (my Grandma, RoseAnn's Mom) sat & prayed with her before surgery today, and, felt God tell her all was OK.

All this said, she is not out of the woods yet, something is going on - something caused a large internal whole that cannot be repaired and, something is continuing to cause pain that is only controlled through liquid Morphine. The Dr has said this could be live radiation still in her body from 8 months ago when she had Uterine Cancer. If it is, and, can't be stopped or controlled - it is fatal.

4 weeks ago, when I was praying so desperately for my Grandma I "thought" God spoke to me. I have to be honest, I have never had that before - so I wasn't really sure. But, I just kept hearing "It is done". I still don't know what "it" is. Maybe, just maybe, I'm not so crazy.

We also found out today that Jason will not be able to return to work on light duty. It's a big financial concern for our family, but I also feel like God is giving him a much needed break for this foot to heal - hopefully without surgery.

AND, finally we took Cole back to the developmental pediatrician today for a f/u appt to check on the medication they put him on in October. We believe it is helping, although, he is still struggling at times. The Dr agreed, and said he saw noticeable changes in Cole from the last time. He did increase his medicine slightly to see if it helps with his concentration at school.

To say that my heart is beating fast right now would be a vast understatement, I feel like it's about to jump out of my skin!!!

Thank you to each one of you who have & continue to pray so faithfully for my Grandma, Jason & Cole. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Jenny, Jason, & Cole

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