Saturday, December 5, 2009

Prayer requests....

It's been a rough morning. We received some tough news about my Grandma Rosie today. It apparently is cancer, and, they can't do much for it. She isn't able to go through the surgery she would need. They plan to put in a colostomy bag on Tuesday - and, they have said they can do chemo to prolong her life. So far we don't have any type of time frames from Dr's. They are still waiting on biopsy results to determine the stage of cancer. I can only imagine how my Great-Grandma will feel when she hears this news (at 93 and really very healthy). My Dad & his 4 brothers are all very close with their Mom, and, 13 Grandchildren, and 2 Great-Grandchildren. My Grandma has always been the pillar of our family--smoothing things over with brothers or cousins when disagreements happen, taking care of us all physically, emotionally & spiritually, and, making sure we all gathered together for as many holidays as possible. I honestly believed that my Grandma was indestructible...I'm struggling to even wrap my mind around what they said today.

Update on Jas....he's still home. Surgeon decided that because of the invasive nature of the surgery it would be better to let the break heal on it's on if it will. He has seen early signs of it trying to heal, so that's good. 2-4 months no weight bearing -- if anyone knows my husband, this is going to be rough. We are waiting to see if Schwan's can offer him anything "light duty" to do. He would really like to go back to work.

All that said, I'm going to push through today and try to put up Christmas Decorations in our house. I have been putting it off for 2 weeks, maybe hoping if I wait long enough all will be happy & merry.

We would all appreciate your prayers for Grandma.

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