Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last week was my first week back to work, and, Cole's first week back to school. We both got some unexpected extra time at home with Snow Days Thursday & Friday. Although we didn't do much, just being home with Jason & Cole is always nice in my book :)

God continues to provide the financial blessings we need to get us through this time while Jason is off work. We finalized a few things Friday that set our journey to financial freedom on the fast track. Our plan is 19-25 months to be debt free (except the house) from the time Jason goes back to work. Now we just need our 100K+ mile cars to last that long too!!! I know that it will be a challenge to stay on target...but we are both beyond fed up, so hopefully that will help this time :)

Jason sees the Dr. on Thursday, which we expect him to be released to the shoe only; aka: walking without crutches. He's been cheating a lot over the past 2 weeks, so, I really hope the foot is still on it's healing tack. I can understand how hard it was for him to be on those crutches though. He has said for 2 weeks it feels much better now, so he's frustrated that he's not working. We are fairly certain the Dr. will clear him to walk in the shoe on Friday, so, if that is the case -- as long as Schwan's says it's OK for him to drive & work in the shoe...he will be back at work next week. (the latter, i'm a bit more nervous about - Jason is certain he's going back to work, I'm not sure how HR will feel about him doing his job in that shoe)

This week will be crazy busy both at work & home for me. Tomorrow morning we have our first IEP meeting of 2010, good thing I don't expect it to be a big deal!

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