Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to normal?

Getting back into a routine is always a good thing at our house. Our house operates on routines (for everything, literally), I thrive with my routines, Jason is driven crazy with them - he like spontaneity. say that I love normal is an understatement. I pray for normal!!! Today I was challenged in my morning devotion by this statement..."God never intended his people to be ordinary". Maybe ordinary & normal isn't what God's intentions for me is at I closing doors on God's Best for me & my family by the pursuit of ordinary?

So today my vacation ended & I had to work again today. Luckily it was a work at home day, because I didn't leave my desk from 7a-5p, except for a bathroom run - it was the craziest, busiest, WAH day I have had in awhile. Of course Jason was home in the afternoon to take care of Cole - so that helped. Tomorrow I head back to Carlinville for a day full of meetings, and, Cole heads back to school to try to get back into his routine. Poor Jason is left at home, by himself again. I know it's hard for him - but, hopefully he will be back at work soon.

All of that sounds pretty "normal" to me. Maybe we will get to shake it up a bit later this week :) Or maybe God will surprise us a bit with the extraordinary. I hope my day planner can handle it!

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