Sunday, January 24, 2010

Preparing ourselves for Jesus

Pr. Randy had the most simplistic message today - and, yet it spoke to me in a great way.

In reality we know that Jesus is returning...any day, but I'm not totally sure that I'm ready for that yet. I love the thought of Heaven and spending eternity with Jesus...but, I'm so not ready to give up seeing Cole grow up, experiencing the joys of having more children, and, growing old with Jason. It's a crazy fine line between being a "good" Christian and praying for that day to come, and, being a real human Mom and thinking that I might be sad to not see my family grow up. God is really challenging me with this. And, honestly - if I let myself stop & think about -- I can get wrapped up thinking about ONLY this -- which I know is not where he wants me to be.

Today's message was based off of Romans 13:11-14. In the simplest, clearest message. Pr. Randy helped us interpret this scripture of how we are to prepare ourselves for the day we meet Jesus face to face.

1. Wake Up! (vs. 11) I know I walk around with blinders on..seeing only what my day planner has in store for me. I need to wake up..Jesus is coming! "our day of Salvation is nearer now than when we first believed".
2. Clean Up! (vs. 12 & 13) We can't keep living as if there is always more time. Our lives need to be clean & pure. Even our Best is not good enough...we must look to the Lord for help cleaning up the mess we have made.
3. Grow Up! (vs. 14) Man, this is a hard one. Am I dressed spiritually in my best? I doubt it. Do I monitor what "goes in" so that I'm only putting in what will bring out the best in me? Nope. Do I think first of His gratification and not my own? Definitely not.

Maybe if I can focus my attention on getting myself ready...God will ease my earthly fears that exist. I have a lot of work to do -- I think it's time to let go of the stuff that keeps me from working on myself, and, start making up for lost time :)

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