Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jason's going back to work!

Well, after 11 weeks, Jason was finally cleared to go back to work.
I really thought I would be so happy - and, I am for him, but I'm sad for Cole & I!!
All the normal "fears" flooded us when Jason was told he couldn't work for this long...the biggest being finances, but we were so blessed - God provided for us every step of the way. He made a way for us to begin to even eliminate debt at the same time! I was even worried that we would fight a lot because in all of our years together, we had never been together every night - he has always worked crazy shifts and gone Monday - Friday. I would be fibbing to say we didn't fight at all, but, it was wonderful - it was so nice to come home from work & have Jas here! Simple things like eating together every night & sleeping in the same bed are a big deal to us :)
I'm worried about how Cole will feel when Jason goes back to work. He's already begun saying a few things (like Daddy neber come back) that worries me. His understanding in big changes like these isn't that where we just explain that it will be like it used to be.
But...we thank God for the time he has given us with Jason home! It has been so nice to experience "normal" life for once. I appreciate all that he has done in these 11 weeks (mostly on crutches) to help out around the house! It has given me a much needed break & allowed me extra time to just seek God for what he wants from me next.
If you think about it, please say a little prayer for us over the next couple of weeks. That Jason will transition back to life away from home, and, in a hotel - that Cole will fall back into the old routine - and, that I can easily fall back into managing the home...Jason has left big shoes to fill in that department!

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