Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mommy, you hit me in da pace!

So, I promised Cole last night that if school canceled today I would take a day off & play outside with him since his Dad had to go back to work. Cole hadn't been able to play in the snow at all this year. HOWEVER, I was totally ready for work today before I got the news that school was closed, so I shipped him off to Bapa's house, and promised to take the afternoon off. I spent well over an hour getting to work on crappy roads, had a cruddy 1/2 day in the office, and, was detoured through 1/2 of Macoupin/Montgomery county trying to get home today ... to avoid the 600 car pileup between Gillespie & Litchfield. (yes, I am dramatic at times).

So..I get home just in time to find out he JUST fell asleep for his nap. I (impatiently) waited for him to wake up so we could go out to play. At 2pm I began the layering process for myself, and, by 2:30p I had him dressed & ready to go. Because I couldn't find anything for his face, I tied one of my scarf's around his face. He informed me "that is for a girl (it was purple) and to get it opf of me!".

After a few ceremonial pics...we finally get down into the snow. He said "Mommy, I want to hab a snowball fight", so...I put together a very pathetic snowball & threw it at him. WACK! "Mommy you hit me in my pace!"..and he angrily stomped in the house & threw off all of his snow gear....on my clean floor none the less. So...at this point I'm thinking - alright, i've done my duty, and, take off ALL my 18 layers. Moments after I got them all off -- he tells me he's ready to go back out. Ugh...

10 minutes later, fully bundled we headed back out. (minus the purple scarf). He had fun, I got a few pics...and, best of all - my "outdoor Mommy" duties are complete!

Hot bath, hot cocoa & chocolate chip cookies are up next :)

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