Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Funnies from Mr. Cole

Lately, Cole has been cracking me up! Here are just a few of the funny things he has popped off with....

Cole turns on Rugrats.
Mom: "Cole, do you like this show?"
Cole: "No, I'm too big for it, but your baby will like it"
I sit, somewhat amazed that he was thinking about the baby he can't even see yet...covered up with an afghan BTW.
Cole: "Well Mom, move that blanket so he can see it!" (quite frustrated that I wouldn't have thought of that)

Cole: "Mom, if you would jump on the trampoline, I think it would make that baby come out sooner"
Mom: "Oh Cole, if it were only that easy..:)"

Cole: "Mom, is it going to hurt when the baby comes out"
Mom: "Well, it might a little, but it's OK - the Dr will take good care of Mommy"
Cole: "Well, it looks like your belly is going to P-O-P!"
Wonder what he will think when he sees me in 4 more months!

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