Monday, June 7, 2010

Has it been a month already?

Oh my, I looked at my blog today and realized that it's been a month (today) since I've posted. Wow, it didn't feel like that long!
I'm happy to report that I'm HEALTHY AGAIN! The baby has a strong heartbeat & I'm able to function normally again...PTL!!! I'm actually 15 weeks along right now, so things are moving right along :)
Cole & I have really been enjoying the last 3 weeks with he & I both home. Lots of swimming!! Unfortunately he has to start summer school tomorrow :( I have very mixed feelings about this. I just feel like he's been in school non-stop for so long now, and, he's so little. I hope for him that he likes it, but, if he doesn't than we may pull him out of the summer class.
I have a feeling this summer is going to fly many things I want to do while home with Cole, and, really - it's already going by so fast!

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