Saturday, May 1, 2010

I survived week #1

Well, it's now Saturday, and, I have officially survived week #1 as a SAH Mommy. It was really pretty amazing to get to be with Cole, experience all parts of his day with him, and, of course - to see the shock everyday when he would ask "Mommy, are you going to work today?" and I would get to say "No, I'm staying with you".

We still have a lot of "kinks" to work out. First of all....a good schedule! I have really enjoyed not having to wake up to an alarm clock...hence, getting out of bed at 7am, and, rushing to get Cole to school by 8am. I need to sharpen the pencil a bit on the AM routine. We are also still struggling with "rest time". I get that he's getting a little old to keep taking 2-3 hour naps (although, he did for Grandpa!), but he still needs time resting - otherwise he falls asleep at 6pm. He's really pushing that button right now.

I do think that as the weeks go on, and, I continue feeling better - I will have to take up a hobby of some sort. For now reading has been enough for me to stay "busy" outside of household stuff....but I can see how after awhile I might begin to get bored with it. Since Cole's scrapbook is about 4 years behind...I'm hoping that will peak my interest again before our new little peanut arrives :)

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  1. We are still scrapbooking once a month if you need some company! Come join us... email me for details.