Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My new love :)

5 years ago my husband got me my first KitchenAid Mixer. This little red beauty is gorgeous and I love making cookies, cakes & other special treats with it. But, when it came to making my homemade bread...well, it just couldn't make the cut :( The motor wasn't powerful enough to take on the 4 cups of flour it takes to make one loaf. So...I sat & waited, dreaming about the day I could purchase the professional 600 model. Then came Christmas....

Jason's Mom & Dad SHOCKED me with this sleek baby as a gift. Just look at her. If the little red beauty is like a 20 year old newlywed, well, this beast...she's like a cougar :)
This baby will whip through 8 cups of flour on speed 2, without even a thought. Oh, how I love her.
And you see that beautiful spot she's in...yep, the hubs had to cut the cabinet for her to have a permanent home. But it's perfect...she just belongs there :)

Her she sits with the little red beauty...
There is just no comparison. Sorry beauty, I've had to upgrade to more experience :)

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