Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Darky, our Elf

Because my life is so very crazy at times, it's February 22nd and I'm just now getting caught up on Christmas posts. Seriously.

We were so excited this year when a little package showed up on our doorstep. Our Elf on a Shelf quickly became a beloved tradition in the Lenczycki House.

Here are a few of the crazy places we found him...

Fishing in the toilet!

Bringing a treat for Cole :)

Sneaky Elf was found in the fridge drinking Cole's soda!

Making a total mess in the boys bathroom...

Delivering a letter from Santa!

He followed us to the hotel & drew on the kids pictures!

He was caught skyping with Santa!

Switch out the stockings for our unmentionables!

Taking a bubble bath in Mom's antique gravy boat :)

Hiding on the Christmas Tree

Pillaging through Mom's purse...

And hiding in the drink cabinet :)

I can't wait until next year when Darky returns...:)

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