Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday - Food!

This was my first birthday party that did not involve a full meal. The timing of the party (2pm on a Sunday afternoon) just didn't justify a meal. So, I tried to get creative with our snacks.

The menu...
Chex mix & Gardettos
Veggies & Dip
My Granny's Sweet Sugar Popcorn
Chips & Queso Dip
Caramel Apple Bites

Our food table...

Caramel Apple Bites
These are so much better than whole caramel apples, and, much less mess. Cut your apples, stick a toothpick in them, dip into caramel sauce & refrigerate!

Caterpillar Twigs
By far the best way to serve veggies & dip. Cut your carrots & celery into sticks 3-4 inches long. In the bottom of a plastic punch cup, put some ranch dressing, then stand your veggie sticks on top. Personal serving sizes, and so cute!

Cute little smash cake :)
Can you believe he ate 3/4 of it too?! Sugar High!

And the star of the show....
Is this not the most awesome cake?! I found a picture online of this cake, but it was done in fondant - I hate fondant :( So I called this fantastic (part time mind you!) baker and she said she could do it in butter cream, and, the caterpillar on top in a giant cookie. When I saw the cake, I nearly cried. It was so perfect - and, a wonderful reflection of the caterpillars journey in the book. was truly the best tasting cake I have ever had. So fresh, so beautiful. Thank you JoEllen for making our first birthday cake so perfect!

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