Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cole's Room...Progress!

Cole's room is finally starting to come together. I love progress!

For those of you who missed it. In November, we painted Cole's room "Later Gator Green", by his request (of course). Mom had this great vision of deep reds & browns (similar to what I did his original nursery in), but he didn't agree. After months (and I mean MONTHS) of debate, I was kindly reminded by my husband that it is, after all, "Cole's room". Ahhh...I was defeated. Well, not really - I scoured the interent for a GREEN room idea I could live with,and, found this wonderful idea for one wall to be striped. I was sold. We painted, striped & then put his letters back on the wall.
Then we started in on the closet. I had found this great idea on Pinterest to turn his 2nd closet into a built in study area/office. Since Cole already had 2 closets in his room, this was perfect & would eliminate so much clutter in the outter room. Getting my hubs on board wasn't easy at first, but once we got started, he quickly saw the genious in my plan :)
We started by painting the inside of the closet. I didn't want this to look anything like a closet anymore. But, I also didn't want that crazy green ... so, what did I do? Well, I found the most obnoxious blue of course! Which quickly became our accent color in the bedroom.
Once the paint was up, Jason ran electrical inside the closet for the computer & video games, and, we hung shelves high for me to organize all the crap I don't want to be an eye sore every day. We debated for awhile on the actual desk, I wanted to just use a small closet shelf, but Jason feared it woudln't hold up over time. So...he installed a counter top. It's perfect! Very sturdy & looks so good.
Here is our creation....

The frames will eventually hold some cool subway art I'm working on, but, in the meantime I couldn't handle them being empty - so I put some neat pictures of Cole with Jason & I as he grew up. The picture in the middle caught my flash, but it's a shot of Jason & Cole standing by the lake fishing...I love that :)

Here is a shot to show the contrast between the room colors & the closet colors.

There is still much to do. (Like labeling the storage bins, corralling the computer cords, Art for his room) But this is certainly a step in the right direction. I have a happy little boy to say the least!

(Heaven help us when we have to paint over those colors! ha!)

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