Sunday, December 5, 2010

A picture is worth...

A thousand words? Or maybe great behavior if he thinks I may show this to his future girlfriend when he's older?!

Jason & I walked into the living room to find this. He was dead serious & asked "Mom, do I got milk?". We both cracked up! (I laughed so hard my incision from surgery hurt all evening)

When I started nursing Jacob we decided that we really need to make this just no big deal so that it wouldn't freak Cole out. There really is no way for him to never see me nurse, so I wanted to just start from the get-go with the natural aspect of it. The first time he saw Jacob nursing he covered his mouth & said "I think I'm gonna be sick". It was humorous. But, the breast pump has brought much more comedy into the house!

Cole fondly refers to me as "The Milkenator", and, he calls my breast shields for the pump "Mommy's Milkers".

I'm certain at some point this will come up in public - which I am going to have to figure out how to address without turning red in the face (you with the Pastor at church!!), but, for now it's cute :)

Maybe we should just put a sign in the yard: Lenczycki Dairy Farms :)

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