Thursday, December 30, 2010

Field Trip gone BAD

With Cole being out of school for 9 days, us all having passed around the flu, and the crazy weather - we were going a bit stir crazy around here. Last summer I had purchased a Groupon for 5 admissions to the Magic House in STL for $20 (a great value really) and it expired 12/31. My Dad was on vacation this week so we decided to meet up on the interstate & take the boys for a day out.
The last time I was at the Magic House (2-3 years ago) Cole had a blast. It was busy, but they have expanded about 3x the size - so I figured it wouldn't be near as bad this time. (needless to say...I forgot that ALL of STL schools are also on Christmas Break right now!!) For the most part, things were fine at the Magic House (or the Fun House as Cole calls it), we only had a hard time getting him out of the 3 story climbing thing ... which equalled that either me or my Dad ran up & down 3 flights of stairs for an hour keeping an eye on him!
When we left we went to McDonalds, they had an indoor play area, which is a real treat since our McDonalds got rid of theirs. Cole ate his food & went to play -- promising that when it was time to leave, he would - in return, I would get him the Baukugan toy he wanted at the counter ($1.70 is a small price to pay for the ease of a trip out the door). Well, time to leave came...and went. Cole threw a HUGE fit in McDonalds ... like a 2 year old tantrum. My Dad had to carry him out kicking & screaming. Some older man made a terrible comment about Cole, and, by this time I had literally had it -- so here I stand, in McDonalds, holding my 5 week old baby in his carrier, 5 year old screaming at the top of his lungs in my Dad's arms...and, yes, I told the old man off. (I felt absolutely terrible the minute we left, no he shouldn't have said that about my child, but, I shouldn't have fallen to his level either).
We get in the car, travel the 20 minutes to drop my Dad off at his car, and finally we are ready to make the trip home. By this time, it's 5pm, pitch black & FOGGY. I have an hour+ travel time home with just me & the 2 boys. Of course, minutes after we get on the interstate Jacob begins to cry (yep..we are pushing the feeding time...why didn't I remember that before we left my Dad?!), I ask Cole to find the paci & get it in his mouth. My VERY cranky 5 year old gets mad that I interrupted his video game & tosses the BRAND NEW DSi to the front of the car. Grrr...Jacob calms down, and, for the sake of my hour drive, I give the DSi back.
We make it to Litchfield, Cole has to pee...I can't very well haul everyone out of the car in the dark, by I pull over in a lighted lot, open the van door & make Cole pee out the door (yes, I know, terrible). We get back on our way..only 30 minutes to go! Yep..Jacob begins to cry again, I ask Cole ... well, forget it. I pull over in the only lighted parking lot (the Packaged Liquor store..ugh) get out, come around, find the paci, soothe the baby & we are back on the road again.
10 minutes from home Jacob is crying again...Cole gets irritated at me for asking again, & wings the DSi AGAIN. That's it..I've had it - you have lost the DSi for awhile son.
Pull into the drive way - Cole can't find his shoes or socks - he walks through the snow barefoot before I can stop him, he's now crying because his feet are cold...well DUH!
We come into the house - I send Cole to his room for punishment & begin feeding Jacob. Cole comes down & tells me he's sorry. We prayed together, he asked forgiveness - then he called Big Papa to ask forgiveness from him too & say he's sorry.
8pm everyone's going to bed - and we did!
Daddy is the key to successful trips I more Mommy adventures on our own for a long time :)

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