Thursday, September 9, 2010

You spent WHAT on lotion?!

Isn't it funny how certain trends in your life progress? I had a moment this morning where I just had to sit back & smile as I "painfully" transitioned yet again.

Yes, this is a tale of Body Lotions ... Bear with me, I will tie it all together :)

When I was in High School, Bath & Body Works was a big deal. I would save my money & be so excited when I finally got to go shopping at BBW. Stocking up on all my favorite scents, making sure to have some stashed in my locker, PE bag, and, of course trial size for my purse to make sure it was "known" I used BBW :)

As I got older, I began to realize how much that stuff STUNK - it was way to perfumed & overpowering for me. In my 20's I found a company called Philosophy that produced a wonderful line of products. A lightly perfumed scent, while smelling almost completely natural. Amazing Grace was the scent I am most fond of - and can't even begin to tell you how many compliments over the past 10 years I have received. Yes, I can easily say this is a guilty pleasure of mine. The only downfall....a bottle (it is large though) of Amazing Grace costs me $50. (yes, you heard me....$50)

And, sitting on all my tables - nightstands - and bathroom counter now is.....Jergens. I know, this seems completely ridiculous could I possibly downgrade to just a drugstore brand of lotion?! Well...let me tell you, when I was couponing a year ago I got about 10 bottles of the stuff for FREE, and, in a household surviving on 1 income, FREE IS GOOD!

This morning I canceled my auto-delivery of Amazing Grace for now. It was painful, and, hard - but, seriously - $50 is a lot of diapers with a new baby on the way! Isn't it funny how as a Mom we really are OK with sacrificing what we love for the betterment of our family?! If you would have asked me at 21 or 22 if I would ever cancel my auto-delivery of this little Gem I would have told you not until I'm homeless...but, babies change everything :)

Now, don't cry too much for me, I still have 1/2 of a large bottle of my "liquid gold" stocked away in a secret place, and, a full bottle of the corresponding shower gel...I plan to use those as I need to find my "happy place" in the sleepless nights ahead!

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