Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A day of Savings!!!!

So, my entire goal for the day was to utilize the the few hours I had a babysitter & finish the birthday shopping for Cole that I have desperately needed to do. (I was shopping for myself, parents, siblings & Grandma!). Plus there were some awesome sales at Babies R Us this week so I decided to nab a few things off my list of "need before Jake arrives". Never did I think I would do this well!!!!

Huggies Supreme Wipes were on Sale for $1.99 a box (regularly $2.39). I purchased 3 for a total of $5.97. I had (1) Target Coupon for .75 off a box, and, a Manufacturer Coupon for $2.50 off of 3 boxes. This would have brought the total down to $2.72 or .90 a box. Well, when they rang up, they ended up ringing up at $1.33 a box, so I got them for .25 a box. Seriously - no joke. I have a feeling this was some type of a register mistake, but, the lady said it was correct, I paid my bill & left with a HUGE smile on my face.
(Savings of $6.42)

Toys R Us
I knew I had to buy 4 birthday gifts for Cole while in there today, I picked out everything I wanted before I went (thankfully!), and, here is how I did.

Gift #1: Ben 10 Alien Costume $24.99, Berenstein Bears Book $3.99 - total $28.98
$5/$25 Coupon
OOP = $23.98
(savings of $5.00)

Gift #2: Lil' Tikes Punt, Pass & Kick Football Set regularly $22.99, on clearance for $15.37
(savings of $7.62)

Gift #3 & 4 PLUS Misc: Lil' Tikes Auto Pitch T-ball/Baseball Set $34.99, Mitre 2 Goal Soccer Set $34.99
Baby Carrier $19.99, (2) Washcloth Sets $5.98 each - Total for the 5 above items $101.93
$5/$25 Coupon
$3/$3 Coupon
Baby Carrier Sale -5.01
15% off Baby Sling/Carrier -2.25
Washcloth Sale -6.00
OOP = $87.30 (with tax)
(savings of $21.26)

Babies R Us
Carters Diaper bag (so cute - doesn't look anything like a diaperbag!!) $39.99
(2) Changing Pad Covers $12.99 each
Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail $32.99
(2) Arm & Hammer Refills $5.99 each
TOTAL of above 6 items $110.94

20% off Diaper Bag Coupon -8.00
B1G150% off Changing Covers -6.49
SALE Diaper Pail -5.00
20% off one Item Coupon (Diaper Pail) -5.60
SALE Diaper Pail Refills -1.98
OOP = $91.21 (with Tax), used $50 GC so only paid $41.21 OOP actually
(savings of $27.07)

PLUS I left with a $10 GC to use on my next purchase there (and another 20% off coupon) from a Promotion I completed today.

TOTAL SAVED TODAY = $62.37 JUST by combining sales, coupons & being willing to check out more than once if needed. WHAT A DAY!!!

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